Welcome to The Durban North Coaching Academy family. Our aim is to give a complete service to our children and their families.  We are constantly looking at ways to keep our standards high and maintain excellence.  So we hope that you may use this website with your children in order to create some memories for you and your family along the way.

What we will endeavor to do is have current sports news about our kids so that they may be able to have access to sports information whether that be sports scores, sports events or fun activities.  On top of this we will try to paint a nice picture of their sporting activities and the fun they are having.

The Durban North Coaching Academy was formed in 1994 by our late father and husband, Paddy Clift.  He was a former professional cricketer who played for 17 years for Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, Leicestershire County Cricket Club as well as being a former Natal (now Nashua Dolphins) captain. 

He had an idea of mentoring and coaching kids at a young age in order to prepare them for their entry into school and beyond.  There was a niche in the sports market and he decided to form a modern and current sports academy with the aim of putting something back into the community that had looked after him for so many years.  When he unfortunately passed away in 1996, Penel Clift (wife and mum) took on the responsibility of running the academy so that Paddy’s dreams and aims could be fulfilled.

It grew from humble beginnings and gradually has become a market leader within the broader Durban community.  The Durban North Coaching Academy was the first professional sports academy of its kind in the Durban North area, thus pioneering the way sport is coached in the modern era.

Our philosophy of “every child is special” has reverberated throughout the years.  Children are encouraged to participate, find a love for sport and have fun while being coached with their friends.

It has been a fully functional sports academy for 15 years and we have coached at many top schools in the greater Durban area.  Coaching methods at the Durban North Coaching Academy are stringently set out and specifically tailored for various children’s needs.  We do slightly tweak the way we do things depending on who is being coached at different levels of age.  We know what we want from our coaches and we train them in such a way, that we get the best out of the children.  This is vital.

Children are coached in a set program with not more than 1 on 6 to 8 children at a time.  Coaches are trained in the art of our ethos and then given the tools to make it their own, whilst constantly being monitored by Penel or Rob Clift.

The schools we are currently involved with are: La Lucia Junior Primary School, Christopher Robin Pre-Primary School, Durban North College, and Northwood Crusaders Cricket Club.  We have previously coached at schools such as Our Lady of Fatima, Glenashley Junior Primary, Northlands Primary School, Chelsea Preparatory, Umhlali Primary, Durban North Junior Primary, Northwood School, Atholton Primary, Crawford La Lucia and Rosehill Primary.

We offer coaching in sports such as cricket, football, netball, tennis, mini-tennis, hockey, ball skills, warm up exercises and other fun sports activities.  We educate the kids in game scenarios and coach the kids to read the game and analyze team tactics as well as strengths and weaknesses.

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